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Europe, an opportunity

Twinning Light Contract number BG/2007/IB/AG/09/UE7TWL "Building of analytical Capacity for the successful implementation of the single payment schemes after 2013".
The EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which has been established for sustainable farming in Europe has radically been reformed. The new CAP regulation is geared to give EU farmers the freedom to produce what the market demands upon total respect for the environment. The CAP Reform has integrated environmental issues into the framework of market and rural development policies.
The Bulgarian State Fund for Agriculture should furthermore be accredited also with the management of the Single Payment Scheme as established by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, especially within the EAGF in order to migrate successfully from the Single Area Payment Scheme (SAPS) to the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) after 2013.
In addition, the EU Coordination Directorate within the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food is implementing the Twinning light project BG 2007/IB/AG/09 entitled "Building of analytical capacity for the successful implementation of the single payment scheme after 2013". This is being realized with the financial contribution of the European Community called "transitional facility" and with the active assistance of Italy and its institutions involved, namely the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF), AGEA (National Coordinating body of accredited Italian paying agencies) with the main role of Mandated Body, SIN srl (National Information Technology System for the development of agriculture) and also with the support of some experts from the Hungarian Paying Agency (MVH) and from the Polish Agriculture sector.
For the realization of this European twinning light project, Bulgaria actively collaborates with Italy, which is a partner with proven experience in the sector. The duration of the Twinning light project is 9 months. It started on January 2010 and will end in September 2010.
In the realization of this project the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Italian Mandating Bodies will actively work together to meet the final objective of  putting the Bulgarian authorities in the position to choose the best option of scenarios as planned after 2013 with extreme punctuality and severity in application of the "new challenge" set by the CAP reform.
By means of these arrangements Bulgaria will be in a better position to understand the mechanisms of future implementation of the Single Paying Schemes after 2013 and the European Commission works, and thus can negotiate better around the table where regulations affecting the farming community are being drafted.  The Bulgarian farming community will continue to receive financial aids if they comply with the established conditions and technical aids to assist them in respecting such conditions.

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