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Home Twinning

2007 Transition Facility - Programme for Bulgaria

The main objectives of this twinning Light project is as follows:

  • FADN and Paying Agency data contend studies and assessed;create team of experts and researchers able to assess similar data.
  • Analytical Model and methodology on analysis concerning the transition between SAPS and SPS (including methodology tools) selected.
  • 10 experts from beneficiaries trained on analysis preparation based on statistical and administrative data. Created team of experts and researchers with improved capacity to prepare such analyses on demand.
  • Sample of farms prepared and indicators for measuring the influence of SAPS implementation set up.
  • Aggregated data/database and applied indicators for measuring the influence of the SAPS implementation.
  • Drafted paper - Analysis of the results from the present implementation of the SAPS compared to two new Member States.
  • Drafted paper with identified measures for the future SPS in Bulgaria.
  • Practical experience gained on the preparation of other MS on the implementation of SPS.
  • Three scenarios elaborated for shifting from SAPS to SPS.
  • Verified (tested) scenarios with regard to the specific Bulgarian conditions.
  • Drafted paper with conclusions and recommendations for the main components of the future direct payment scheme that has to be implemented in Bulgaria.
  • Drafted paper wit recommendations for future development of CAP direct payments scheme which, for the most part, matches the Bulgarian interest.

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